Hydro-Excavation utilizes pressurized water to breakup the ground into pieces and remove it by air conveyance into a debris tank. This provides a non-destructive means to safely locate underground utilities and precisely excavate in that area. This method represents a surgical excavation process as compared to the mechanical means still utilized throughout the country.
  • Potholing/Daylighting - uses water pressure and a powerful vacuum system to safely expose underground utilities. The only way to prevent damaging buried cables and pipes before digging is to pothole the utility. Once you have exposed the utility to the daylight there is no question of location and depth of the utility.
  • Utility Pole Holes - uses hydroexcavation to dig utility pole holes and concrete base holes for contractors, utility providers and municipalities. Right-of-ways can be congested with buried utilities. Our hydroexcavators can quickly excavate pole holes and base holes. If a buried utility is exposed during the excavation, the utility isn't damaged. Back hoes and auger trucks can cause expensive damages and risk lives. Hydroexcavation is the safe, fast, clean alternative to conventional excavation methods.
  • Utility Locating - provides safe digging procedures when locating underground utilities. Our powerful vacuum excavators will exhume the soils surrounding the buried utility verifying location, depth and type of utility.
  • Hydroexcavation/Hydrovac Excavation - hydrovexcavation/hydrovac excavation services saves the utility industry thousands of dollars every year. Hydroexcavation is the use of water pressure along with a powerful vacuum to safely expose underground utilities. The use of hydroexcavation prevents damages to utilities by back hoes, trenchers and other conventional digging equipment. The uncovered utility can be seen by the entire work crew leaving no question of location and depth.
  • Utility Excavation - assists utility construction professionals with their underground projects by exposing the existing buried infrastructures prior to the beginning of excavation. All of the existing pipes and cables are exposed by using our hydroexcavation services giving you peace of mind before using back hoes, trenchers or augers.
  • Remote Excavations - When conventional digging equipment can't access a steep hillside, building basement, backyard excavation or other confined area has your answers. uses water pressure and a powerful vacuum to dig anywhere a back hoe can't access. We park our large hydroexcavator near the work area and extend hoses 400 feet or longer to the excavation site. You can dig trenches in existing buildings for plumbing pipe relocations or repairs, bathroom remodels, basement drainage or waterproofing, crawlspace room additions, or in remote areas for culvert pipe cleaning. And you can dig in your backyard without taking down the fence for deck pier holes, in-ground pools, garden ponds, trench drains and much more.